The local applicator allows local level action confined to a certain area of the body where you know the exact problem.
SMALL version is indicated for cervical, local trauma, headaches or can be used in combination with versions LARGE (L) and EXTRA LARGE (XL).

Size: 24cm. x 30cm.
The MEDIUM version is indicated to be used in conjunction with the versions LARGE (L) and EXTRA LARGE (XL) or drive by placing the same in contact of the seat back.

Size: 31cm. x 53cm.
LARGE version is indicated primarily for home or as a second alternative to Extra Large version during a trip or for a second user.

Size: 57cm x 83cm.
EXTRA LARGE version is usually indicated to professional centers where you have the opportunity to take the time to daily sessions. Also used during the night from the comfort putting it back under his mattress.

Size: 68cm x 200cm.
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