Endogenous Therapy
As discussed above, the DNA and cell membranes produce and receive EM biocommunications within tissues, organs, and subsystems of the organism.
These signals are highly directive, efficient and complex. BRT connects with the body through electrodes to gain signals for the organism itself. Thus, endogenous information is used in the treatments in order to improve inner bioinformatic processes as well as the adaptive activity of the organism. During the preparatory phase, the main technical parameters of the endogenous signal, and its frequency, amplitude and phase are detected.

BRT filters out the dysfunctional oscillations by comparing these signals to other properly functioning parts of the body. Filtering is necessary because of the decreased natural selectivity and support of the organism’s signal recognition ability. The corrected signals are sent back into the organism and open the pathological aspects of natural selection and the biocommunication within that organism.
Endogenous BRT is important to expose only the given reflex zone to a therapeutic signal. This is the most individual therapeutic method known because it uses the patient’s own oscillations. During the therapy, the reactions of the organism are continuously monitored (dealing with the actual state of the patient), thus keeping the treatment free from side effects.

Exogenous Therapy

Natural environmental signals help the internal pacers maintain the periodicity of metabolism. For that very reason, their absence might cause serious pathological disorders depending on the depletion of the organism’s own system specific vital resources. Artificial signal resources produced by urbanization and technology both reduce the intensity of natural environmental signals of the biosphere through interference and cause the organism to receive wrong messages.

Today, application of external pacers in therapies has proven to be one of the most efficient treatment methods since, through the correction of internal pacers; it is able to activate vital processes of an organism within seconds. This type of treatment includes techniques that utilizes the fundamental vibrations of the biosphere as therapeutic signals that affect the organism through modulated electromagnetic fields. (These techniques include Schumann-waves, crystals, minerals, different kind of metals, polarized light and its harmonics.) Complex multi-resonance treatments utilizing all the different external pacers of a certain pathological system have turned out to be the most effective method.

While the endogenous BRT is very important to expose only the given reflex zoneto therapy through the biological window, exogenous BRT uses pre-programmed therapies through the same biological windows to treat of the entire body is successful. Experience has shown that devices emitting such signals can eliminate even stubborn bioinformatic blockages. In both types of BRT, the natural selectivity of an organism determines what the patient can utilize from the therapeutic signals. Information transfer as well as initialization of the biocybernetic unit’s phase change can only be achieved through resonance with the biological window.

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