Complex solutions
Often the symptoms surrounding a condition or im- balance do not actually indicate the true underlying problem. LENYO BRT is a holistic approach that considers the organism as a complex whole, and BRT programs address all aspects of a problem.

Personalized options
There are more than 22 different types of BRT devices that cover a wide range of applications, from home to professional use. There are more than 600 different automated BRT programs that can be customized to address a variety of health issues – both simple and complex.

Convenient, pocket-size, mobile devices
The LENYO mobile BRT devices are portable, lightweight and easy to operate. With a built-in antenna, all mobile devices can be used in the office, at home or on-the-go.

Wide frequency range
The LENYO endogenous devices that use electrodes and antennas to-
gether operating in the range of 1Hz to 1MHz, while the exogenous devices that
use antennas-only operate in the frequency range of 1Hz to 200kHz. This makes it possible to create very complex programs and protocols.

Speed of light
The body is a complex system. On average, more than 100,000 chemical reactions occur in our cells each second. The internal electromagnetic processes that influence and synchronize homeostasis take place in a fraction of a moment. LENYO technology is attuned to this, which is why BRT programs deliver con- tinuously changing signals.

LENYO BRT devices can work alone or be used in conjunction with other modalities and therapies – both conventional and holistic. When using BRT together with another modality, one should consult a doctor or a naturopath to carry out the treatment.

Professional-use devices
LENYO professional-level BRT devices are simple to use and come with automated BRT programs and pre-programmed protocols. The LENYO line of professional devices includes an endogenous BRT device that offers frequency-based biofeedback technology, special antennas, special phase modulation (0-360 degrees), magnetically insulated, high-precision electronics, a battery that is independent
from external electrical sources, an optional homeopathic imprinter module and a wide range of programs and protocols.

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