A professional BRT device that can also be employed at home, in the office, and in the club- house.
The Lenyo Lux is an Extremely Low Intensity (ELI) pulsating Electromagnetic (EM) field emitter that stimulates functional activity within targeted organs, tissues and cells in a non-invasive and non-thermal application. Each biochemical reaction is controlled by specific bioinformatic processes.
The Lenyo Lux addresses each problem holistically by utilizing 40-70 subprograms per featured program, forming a complex wave packet composed of frequencies chosen to achieve the desired resonance-based interactions. By choosing from over 1800 highly specific subprograms to create 670 different wave packets, the combination of these packets are carefully selected to address every aspect associated with each program’s targeted area and to create the 134 featured programs of the Lenyo Lux.

All Lenyo devices emit these complex wave packages in an easy-to-use programming system. Once the Lenyo Lux is activated, a series of subprograms will start to run until the complex program cycle is completed and the device automatically switches off. This provides each program with proper signals for each target area without the possibility of overdosing.

Lenyo SanoCenter is a centrally controlled equipment system for application in hospitals and health centers

It unifies all the treatment possibilities of our exogenous PEMF-BRT medical technologies: over 180 treatment programs; protocols for therapy sessions; complex sessions with several signal generators; pre-programing features; full treatment history documentation.

LENYO SanoCenter system is a medical equipment Class IIA. Such devices promote the convenience of the organism and are designed to supplement rather than substitute any conventional therapy.

The purpose of LENYO SanoCenter system to make possible the biostimulation of several patients at the same time, controlled by one person (operator). In this way the operation is very easy economic and time saving.

The Lenyo CellCom works with the endogenous oscillations of the patient and provides the most personalized treatment possible.
Two input ports capture the body’s bioinformatic signals with special multilayer magnetic gold plated electrodes. Data received from both inputs contain the desynchronized and pathological signals from the affected part of the body. The LCC filters out all unnecessary oscillations except for the biological window (biological communication channel) that needs to be addressed. The output antenna feeds back specific signals in the same range to trigger regulative mechanisms within the body for proper corrections.

The Lenyo CellCom application features are as follows:
Homeopathic Imprinter function
Burns the therapy signals on magnetic data storage bands
Imprints the therapy signals into homeopathic remedies
Provides the possibility of creating new potencies of homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic isode production
The Lenyo CellCom Homeopathic Imprinter is a special metal bowl, which transmits the therapeutic signs to the dipole structured carriers due to the built in electronics.

The LENYO Harmony is a unique Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) device that uses advanced pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to support biological communications at the cellular level. Cellular communication is critical to supporting the body’s natural self- regulation and adaptation activities, which in turn help to strengthen the immune system, balance the body and maintain overall wellness.

Both environmental and biological stressors can contribute to the breakdown of the body’s inner communication processes – including allergies and chemical sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, toxins and metabolic waste, stress, overstimulation and electrosmog. When inner communications are compromised and natural regulation and adaptation is disrupted, a number of symptoms may occur, such as anxiety, depression, poor digestion, sleep disorders, excessive energy, confusion and trouble concentrating.

The LENYO Harmony is designed to address these issues with customized programs like BALANCE which supports digestion, circulation and the lymphatic system, CALM which helps with anxiety and emotional fluctuations, and VITALITY which can be used to balance energy and rejuvenate the body.

Additional Harmony programs help to relax muscles, eliminate toxins, improve sleep quality, support mental clarity and open up the Meridian and Chakra systems.

With 12 automated BRT programs – and four channels simultaneously running synergistic programs and subprograms – the LENYO Harmony is designed to relax the body, calm the mind and restore inner balance.

Harmony programs
Balance 1, 2 and 3 • Calm 1 and 2 • Concentration • Detox • Digestion • Harmony 1 and 2 • Immune • Vitality

The Lenyo Lux provides today’s holistic practitioner with the ability to address many pathological conditions problems at the touch of a finger, bringing to their clients/patients a whole new level of wellness. The electromagnetic symphonies composed and programmed into the Lenyo Lux device help optimize communication channels, and can therefore, be instrumental in complementing any healing modality. This supports the body’s inherent ability to self-regulate. Sports trainers will also find this an invaluable to tool to improve preparation, concentration, endurance, as well as recovery from injuries.

The most common applications of the Lenyo Lux Device are used in the complementary treatment of:
Bone fractures
Immune system dysfunction
Inflammatory conditions
Digestive disorders
Enzyme deficiency
Toxicity syndromes
Muscular and organ degeneration
Stress, both physically and mentally
Sports injury
Poor sports performance.
System assembly the main elements are:
Signal generator unit with radiator(s) SCJG exogen device)
Control unit (SCVE)
Central PC (SCPC)
Endogen device LCC (optional)
The basic equipment the so-called Signal Generator Unit (SCJG) itself combines all of the programs of LENYO Lux, Fractal and Fractal Meridian.

Clients can order custom made treatment sequences following their necessities.

Several advantages for the clinical setting:
central programming possibility for all the treated clients
possibility for composing the entire treatment session at once
communication and interruption possibility for each client with instant signaling on your screen
all antenna types can be connected to each treatment unit (3 antennas at the time/treatment unit)
cost efficient servicing of your clients
very cost efficient investment into your clinic In the LENYO SanoCenter assembly up to 64 pcs of Generator Units are controllablefrom one central computer (PC) by means of an inserted Control Unit. The first Generator Unit is connected to the Control Unit the other generators are serially connected to each other by standard telephone cable. Each generator is programmable with any required program of the all choice and can be started individually.

In LENYO SanoCenter 24 e.g. 22 pcs of generators are supplied. Moreover one endogen LCC equip- ment is included, which controlled directly (by IR connection) by the same PC.
Such carriers may include magnetic polymers, aqueous tinctures, homeopathic liquids, ointments, special metal alloys (e.g. brass), crystals and jewels etc. The more water they contain the longer and more effectively they keep the therapeutic signals. It is recommended to shake the treated material during a pause of a treatment program: this will ensure a longer storage of information in the substrate.

Applications function

The treatment function makes it possible to administer (endogenous) bioresonance treatment to a patient in the selected – whether in a course of scanning or on the basis of another analysis – frequency ranges. The duration of treatment in a certain frequency range is 7 minutes 30 seconds. Therefore, the overall duration of treatment in four different frequency ranges may exceed 30 minutes. It is a general rule that an overall treatment duration shall not substantially exceed 30 minutes because the patient’s organism requires some time to process the information acquired during a treatment. Selecting the treatment function, you may select an arbitrary number of 108 frequency segments to run in series. Nevertheless, for the aforementioned (time restriction) reasons, e.g., a wellness program may comprise not more than 4 steps of a treatment program. A therapist has to compile a treatment program and its steps before starting the operation of such program. The sequence of steps of a treatment program may also play an important role. E.g., certain steps may be repeated for some reasons, or one-minute pauses may be introduced between the program steps to give the organism of a treated patient some time for a rest and adaptation.

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