This device is developed against the constant adverse effects of risk factors in our everyday life.

Above all the following fields deal with environmental factors which influence our everyday well-being: ergonomics, ecology and human bio-meteorology. In most people’s life there are environmental factors which affect stronger than adaptable and which can disrupt dynamic balance. For example improper posture, caused by stoop over the keyboard at one’s desk, can often cause not only contracture and pain but increased stress as well. Noise increases tension significantly. Light greatly influences our general condition as well. Many people are affected by front sensitivity, stress, digestive problems, and sleeping disorder, which have a significant effect on our general condition.

With time, continuous stress and continuous moderate negative effects raise adaptation disorders in the organism; and this causes functional disorders, then affection, in many cases. Decreasing performance influences the immune system as well as decreases the efficiency of health care treatments – that means we can become therapy resistant. In this case everything possible has to be done to reconstruct adaptability: stress management, nutrition changes, sport, concentration improving and motivation practices, well-being improvement.

The point of prevention is exactly to prevent diseases and decreasing of performance before tissue lesions occur.

The programs of the Lenyo Mobile Prevention device: Anti-Aging; Relax; Digestion; Joints; Pain; Sleep; Injury; Therapy Resistance; Immune; Detox; E-Smog; Concentration; Respiratory; Detox Long.
This model is developed to target the following effects which worsen the general condition experienced in connection with travelling.

Lack of motion, immobility and different forced postures. As during a long travel there are few possibilities to stretch our legs, the local blood circulation conditions become adverse.
For example a driver pushes the pedal and holds the steering wheel always in the same posture which results in stiff muscles and even worse circulation.

30%-50% of travelers perceive digestion problems.
This can disturb a promising travel, holiday, business trip, or other trip.
During long travels it is typical to consume less liquid, thus the internal conductivity of the organism decreases as well.
Moving of vehicles can also cause worsening of well-being, the level of which depends on the intensity of the abnormal motion stimulus and on how long it affects our organism. Seasickness is the best known, but many people can feel sick during a bus or car trip. Every vehicle generates electro smog which can also have an effect on our general condition.

The organism can adapt with difficulties to switching between time zones, weather fronts, and microclimates; during the adaptation process different symptoms emerge as answer:
headache, feeling of fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, irritability, concentration problems, problems in decision-making situations, loss of appetite, nausea, constipation, increased perspiration, dehydration, sleeping disorders, minor coordination disorders, memory disorders.

A sound organism can compensate the differences but in case of one or more hazardous factor the disrupted circulation conditions can cause the worsening of general condition.

The programs of the Lenyo Mobile Travel device: Time-zone switch and adaptation; Circulation; Altitudinal adaptation; Fresh; Relax; Digestion; Sleep; Concentration and mental fitness; Detox; Injury; Immune; Meridians and Chakras – Energy Balancing; E-Smog; Pain.

Lenyo Mobile Port is a mobile wellness device that generates pulsed electromagnetic fields, developed for general use. Four programs can be downloaded to it, from PC or optionally from another Lenyo device.

The device operates with a built-in signal emitter. It is not possible to connect an external signal emitter.
Four programs can be downloaded to the lenyo Mobile Port device, thus the device can be used en route as well.

The components of the lenyo Mobile Port kit:
• Lenyo Mobile Port device
• Information and installation software
• Download cable for PC connection (in case of whole set order) • User manual
This device is recommended in case of psychological effects due to the increased stress of the organism.

According to Thomas Fahey, sport-physiologist at California State University, the functioning of muscles is generated by the so-called sodium-potassium pump. It pulls out sodium ions from the cell and pushes potassium ions in. The difference between the levels of the two ions generates electric charge. The muscle cells react to the electric signals, arriving from the nerves, with this electric charge.

Apart from this, the role of the nervous system in activating the muscles is well-known. If these information processes are not coordinated properly, our locomotion becomes scattered, the coordination and loadability of our muscles limited. By improving the information processes an increased performance can be achieved not only in professional sports but in everyday life as well.

On one hand, sport is useful because regular exercise improves endurance and the state of the heart and of the vascular system, and decreases the risk of overweight, diabetes and several metabolism diseases. On the other hand, sport can be risky because suddenly started training is a great strain on the heart, joints and muscles. Moreover, evacuation of excreta can also lag behind; thus, improper arrester motion can cause harm and serious metabolism disorders on the long run. Assessing the intensity of sport is a subjective factor, because we perceive in the moment the level of strain on our organism, caused by the practiced sport. Overburden – if during or after sport great tiredness is perceived – can be dangerous for the organism. The keyword is regeneration which takes place after sport. Muscles develop during time between trainings and not during trainings. Perfect regeneration of body, soul, and mind between periods of strain is the key to outstanding performance (stable metabolism, detoxification, psychic balance, harmonic development, regeneration of micro-injuries).

With attentive preparation and well-being (low stress level, good metabolism, focused state of mind), one can better bear the increased strain and the risk of injuries decreases as well. It is important to keep our well-being in case of strain caused by the environment (switch of time zone, climate zone, or altitude) as well as during training (low acidification, psychic balance, optimal vegetative functioning).

The programs of the Lenyo Mobile Sport device:
Concentration; Endurance; Muscle; Joints; Injury; Circulation; Regeneration; Sleep; Meridians and Chakras – Energy Balancing; Digestion; Detox; Time-zone switch and adaptation; Fresh; Pain.
In today’s rushing world, when women have to live up to more and more expectations, it is inevitable that their general condition fluctuates. For their well-being it is important to be youthful, rested and balanced, therefore the services of this device’s programs are connected to this field as well as to the physiological changes of the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual disorder is a common phenomenon because menorrhea is controlled by sensitive hormonal systems which can be influenced by several environmental factors. Menorrhea which occurs at a too young or old age, or has a too frequent (shorter than 21 days) or too long (longer than 38 days) cycle, which is irregular or takes too short or too long time, which comes with too little or too much bleeding, as well as the abnormally painful menorrhea which causes symptoms, is considered as worsening the general condition.

The different symptoms which occur often 7-10 days before the menorrhea and the inconvenient psychical symptoms also belong to the menstrual disorders. Such symptoms can be increased irritability, emotional instability, depression, not properly controlled emotional reactions, painful breast tightness, headache, backache, digestion problems, and heat waves.
The causes for such menorrhea are mostly harmless and temporary, but visiting a specialist is recommended in order to diagnose infrequent but thus occurring, more serious illnesses.

Keeping a psychical balance devolves an active role on us: Not only our body needs exercise but it is important to improve our quality of life and physical fitness and to keep our spiritual and mental balance as well. Sport increases our self-respect, self-confidence; it changes our psychical state and our social relations.

The quality of our nutrition influences our physical and mental well-being, thus healthy nutrition is very important.

The programs of the Lenyo Mobile Lady device: Problems connected to menstruation which disturb performance and psychical balance; Pre-menstruation disorders; Mood; Cramps; Sleep; Relax; Muscle-tone; Flushes of heat – climax; Urinary; Anti-Aging; Detox; Digestion; Immune; Meridians and Chakras – Energy Balancing.

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