Dr. Zsolt Komka
Hungarian Canoe Federation and physician for the Hungarian national team
During the preparations for the London Olympic Games the athletes could withstand load much better. They slept better and any symptoms resulting from overload disappeared by morning. They also used the LENYO BRT devices at night during the preparation period.”

The athletes are very tired during the competitions and regeneration is very important. I frequently use LENYO devices during preparation time in the case of:
- Travel
- Injury
- Sleep problems
- Tension
- Digestion disorder
- Muscle soreness and aches
- Common illnesses (cold)

Dr. Elvira Babindák

Medical Director of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation
A high level of performance is required for good results.
I use LENYO devices regularly during the preparation period in the case of:
- Poor coordination
- Weak concentration
- A lack of optimal physical and mental condition
- Poor oxygenation of the body
- Poor blood circulation and accumulation of excreta
- Slow reaction time and poor muscle function
- Overweight issues

Katalin Kovács,
Multiple world champion, three-time Olympic champion kayaker
During the 2012 London Olympic Games, we often used the LENYO devices. I am thrilled to have won
an Olympic gold medal.”

Tamás Kulifai,
World champion and Olympic Silver Medalist in kayaking
If I want to regenerate and start the next training of the day or competition recharged, I like using the LENYO BRT devices. I use the devices at night as well. It is nice to wake up rested!”

Edina Kotsis,
Silver Olympic medalist, European champion and 16-time Hungarian Taekwondo champion
My leg was injured at a competition abroad – my metatarsus broke but there was no swelling, edema or pain. After any injury I immediately use the LENYO BRT device.”

Erika Csomor
Hungarian long-distance runner, duathlon, triathlon and Ironman champion
I use the LENYO devices for daily preparation. Maintenance of the muscles, adaptation and mental preparation are very important to me. After an almost 9-hour Ironman competition, the first thing I do is lie
down on a LENYO pad.”

Duathlon World Championship
Gold Medalist: 2001 (short distance), 2004 (short distance)
Silver Medalist: 2001 (long distance), 2002 (short distance)
Duathlon European Championship
Gold Medalist: 2002 (short distance), 2002 (relay)

Beata Rakonczai
Marathon and long distance runner
Multiple Hungarian Champion (10.000 M, Marathon, Cross Country)

Before using Lenyo bioresonance therapy, I was forced to take a two day break per month due to pre-menstrual cramps. Since I began regular use Lenyo Mobil and the Lenyo Lux, those cramps have disappeared plus my regular low-back pain also disappeared.

The following programs were applied regularly:
• Man – it is based on the constitution of the person to determine whether Man or Lady should be used for PMS,
• Urinary Bladder Meridian,
• Muscle,
• Fresh,
• Injury – in case of bruises of other injuries.

My sport-physiologist and teammates were very impressed during the last European Cross Country Championship when I had a very rapid recovery after a fall -- my servere bruises healed so fast that next day I could run again without any restriction due to Lenyo Lux “Injury” program.

Beata Rakonczai


Water Polo Player 115x Hungarian National Team
95x Hungarian Junior National Team
2003 World Champion
2004 Olympic Champion

Chronic (later permanent) inflammation of 3 vertebra and 3 discs in the Thoracal 9-11 region

During the 1996-1997 season, I played for Catania in the Italian Water Polo Championship. In February 1997 my back pain became increasingly unbearable. The medical diagnosis was an inflammation of the vertebral column at the region of Th 9-11.

After several month of unsuccessful treatment in Italy, I consulted all the major Hungarian orthopedic clinics. Despite all the different medical interventions, my spine was still inflamed. An operation was in preparation to fixate and ossificate those three vertebras. In this seemingly hopeless situation, I went to Basel, Switzerland on a friend’s advice to meet Dr. Argay, a well-known specialist physiotherapy and loco-motoric rehabilitation. He advised me to undergo bioresonance therapy; first to treat my food allergy, then normalize intestinal irritation, which will release the stress from the inflamed segments. For this he advised me to contact Hippocampus Institute at Budapest since he took bioresonance courses there and also uses the scientific data base from their research in the field of electromagnetic biocommunication, commonly called bioresonance therapy.

In April 1998 my treatment began at Hippocampus Institute. Besides 2-3 bioresonance treatments per week, I received shiatsu and other type of massage, was taught special gymnastics and chi kung, changed my diet, and started to use dietary supplements from GNLD. In September 1998 I began with water polo training again and since March 1999 I can play as I did before the injury. Beginning in the fall of 1999, I started the season as a professional water polo player again.

Bioresonance treatment is a part of my life. I have never missed a treatment for more than a week since I experienced its beneficial effect. During the development of the Lenyo Mobil devices, I received two prototypes. This enabled me to treat my spine after each training session and feel secure during tournaments. I also use my Lenyo Lux to provide my family with a very effective way to maintain health and high performance in all activities. Lenyo Lux is a big help in regenerating my tired body after intensive training, to prevent me from periodic otitis and sinusitis; whereas the Lenyo Mobil is perfect to optimize enzyme production of my weak digestive system and also helps calm my nerves during a match or tournaments.

Budapest, 2003. április 2.

Varga Tamás

Tamás Varga was a key member of the World Champion team at Barcelona 2003 and the Olympic Champion team in Athens 2004.


Dr. W. is a 67 year-old dentist who was presented with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, lethargy and urticaria. E.A.V. assessment revealed extensive mercury distribution through various body organs and system with a high mycosis level primarily in the large intestine and mesenchyme. He personally handled much of the amalgam preparation for the last 35 years of his practice. He had received 50 chelation treatments with only moderate results. We started weekly Mobile Cell-Com (MCC) treatments with a sample of the amalgam on the input, outing the information to add to his personal formula (homeopathic). After the third session he noticed 90% reduction in tremors of the hand. He also experienced 3-4 substantial bowel movements per day, which he said seemed to progressively increase his energy levels on a daily basis. He is now working a full schedule in amalgam free dental practice with virtually no tremors of his hands.

Mr. A.C. presented with a diagnosis of metastatic renal cell carcinoma to the lungs. Chemotherapy had failed with any further progress in his case and was told there are no more options. Aggressive Mobile Cell-Com (MCC) and Lenyo Lux treatments were initiated. A sample of the chemotherapy medication was used at the input for detoxification and various herbal chemotherapies (bloodroot, poly-mva) were also used on the input to increase its effectiveness and absorption. He was treated daily with the Lenyo Lux and bi-weekly with the MCC. Diet and lifestyle modifications were also instituted. He was given a three month survival time. After three months a CAT scan revealed a substantial 50% reduction in the metastatic lesion in the lung tissue. He continues to make steady progress with increase vitality and optimism.


“I have found the Lenyo Cell Com and Bioresonance to be an incredible tool in reestablishing and strengthening the subtle energy pathways of my clients. The emerging field of Bioresonance is allowing practitioners to work with and therapeutically treat the body on an electromagnetic level. Modern biology has shown that this is the most causative level of proper functioning as well as disease in the human organism. Since this is a technology that assists and works with the innate forces of healing in the body, it is a great tool for anyone in holistic health care. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, nutritionists, counselors and body workers of all kinds will find their approach amplified and taken to a new level.
We live in a time where there are significant factors that weaken the integrity of our being. From stress, poor diet, structural imbalances as well as negative cultural trends, we have never been in more need of tools to help support our natural internal balance. As we know, amazing things happen when the body is free and able to resonate to its own ‘tune’. I highly recommend Bioresonance to anyone serious about assisting themselves or their clients in the age old quest of creating inner strength, connection and well being.”


“I have seen more progress made in the health, emotional well-being and spiritual growth of my patients in the last six months using BRT (Bioresonance Therapy) than in the previous 20 years.”


“Being trained in Chinese Medicine, I find BRT brings about the foundational harmony that is necessary for real change that culminates in greater vitality, health and wellness on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I see clients with complex health projects and with BRT I can work the different aspects of an issue at the same time and more efficiently. BRT cuts my work in half and gives an even more profound session to the client, with more lasting results.”


“I always use the Run program to work out and my performance is much better. I can do much more without getting tired.”


“I was bitten by a scorpion - after half an hour my whole body was red, swollen and itching very badly. I put on the “Detox” program with the Fractal and after a few minutes every symptom just went away.”


“I use the Mobil every time I travel and have no more jetlag by using the “Weather” and “Energy Balance” programs. It helps me feel much more relaxed.”


“I always have a headache when the weather changes - now I use the “Weather program instead of painkillers and it works immediately.”


“I broke my foot and did not need any painkillers - I put the Lenyo Lux directly on the injury with the “Pain” program and my injury healed much faster.
I also used the “Eye" program every day for two months, I can see again without glasses.”


“I had really bad ear problems. The pain went away after only one treatment with the Lenyo Lux.”


“I had vertigo for 7 month. After one MCC treatment, the vertigo went away.”

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