Our Bioresonance devices was created to make the technology affordable for each family with a prevention value that far exceeds its cost. Easily transportable, the Fractal can be a steady companion for regular healthcare maintenance.

BRT enhances communication among cells and optimizes membranes functioning. It also helps comprehensive rehabilitation by supporting lymphatic, immune and respiratory systems. In addition, BRT improves wound healing, circulation, digestion, bone quality and in general it supports every biological unit of the organism. This therapy can be used in a wide variety of health care facilities such as hospitals, doctor´s surgery, medical centers, spas, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy centers.

During pregnancy
BRT supports circulation, production of hormones and absorption of nutrients allowing the fetus to grow better. In addition, it conditions muscles for childbirth, helps handling fears and prepares psychologically for pregnancy and delivery.


BRT offers a new approach in the treatment of allergies and intolerances due to a change in electromagnetic relationship between an organism and the irritating substances, thus leading to a definitive desensibilization of such substances.

Contagious diseases / infections
Complementary to other treatments, BRT therapy optimizes immune cells functioning as it accelerates the recovery process. It improves as well lymphatic circulation facilitating toxin elimination. It also reduces inflammations, detoxicates and supports work of major cleansing organs (liver, large intestine, kidney and lymphatic system).

BRT improves production of enzymes as well as nutrient absorption. It reduces inflammations in the intestines and other organs of the digestive system. BRT is used in treatment of allergies and intolerances and regulates evacuation. It also helps in cases of constipation or diarrhea.

BRT improves recovery after bone fractures as its favor osteosynthesis quality (unification of two broken parts), making new cells grow and develop affinity among them so they can couple harmoniously to the point of disappearing any trace of a fracture.

BRT helps bone metabolism, specifically calcium handling. This therapy is efficient both for preventing and treating this condition. NASA has applied BRT technology for over 40 years to prevent gravity effect from causing detriment to bones and subsequent bone loss. BRT is a unique possibility and presents no side effects.

BRT helps reducing inflammation and pain. It improves quality of synovial fluid and supports cartilage nutrition. Besides, it strengthens the muscles in charge of moving articulations thus optimizing position and movement of bones here involved. Arthritis programs combined with other subprograms meant to treat both digestive and circulatory systems contribute to eliminate toxins thus normalizing production of synovia.

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