Bioresonance (BRT) is based on the mechanism of bio-feedback and uses electromagnetic (EM) signals of the treated organism, or one of its elements, in the healing process. With the used of photomultiplier and various high resolution spectrum analyzers, means electromagnetic nature of this direct signaling system began to be studied in the 1970’s. These EM signals would be fully described as direct, rapid, and very efficient type of communication that coordinates 7000 chemical reactions in each cell per second.

Indepth Research
Through our academic research counterpart, Hippocampus Institute, we coordinate and participate in the latest research in the bioinformatics, biophysical and Bioresonance fields in order to offer the highest in education and products for you.

Worldwide Education
By creating new curriculum, workshops, seminars,and study materials, we offer education not only on our specific devices, but in the major science fields and clinical research that support our devices and biophysics in medicine.

Superior Devices
We manufacture the highest quality Bioregulation devices that have a signal range (up to 1,000,000 Hz) and resolution (+/- 1 Hz) throughout the entire range) that is far greater and more accurate than any device produced prior. This translates into the most effective and precise BRT available.

Our goal is to be a resource and guide for you in BRT. We hope find our research materials, education guide and product devices helpful.
Since 1993 we work to introduce and integrate the biophisical approach  in medicine through Bioresonance (BRT) devices (Capturing the proper signals of the person in the actually active biological window) and provide holistic applications in Europe, North America and Asia through our focus on research, education and production.
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